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First Fab040 Tour!

You guys, I'm still in some sort of buzz about what happened yesterday!

It was my first ever Fab040 tour and it was so crazy, super great!

The week before yesterday my nerves started to grow to skyscraper level. My first tour, something I always wanted to do and now it was going to happen. My mind worked overtime: what if nobody shows up? What if they don't like it? What if my English is not good enough?

And then it was Saturday... And there where people, and even more people came...17 People wanted to join me on my tour! WOW! I've never expected this number of interested persons. So cool.

There where people from Poland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Also a couple of Dutchies who wanted to know more about Eindhoven. A really nice group of friendly people.

We went walking, I started talking and it was okay. Nerves calmed down and I started to enjoy it very much :). Today I'm looking back on a fantastic first tour and I feel on top of the world!

Thank you all so very much for joining me!

From now on you can walk with me every Saturday afternoon! In this free walking tour we'll walk through Eindhoven, the city I love so much. My goal is to transfer some of that love on you.

Care to join in? Don't forget to book, you can do that here:

Hope to see you soon!


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