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Yoghurt Barn

Did you know us Dutchies eat dairy like bosses. It seems that we eat the most dairy of all countries in the world! A clever couple noticed this and decided to open Yoghurt Barn. Now there are more than ten barns in the Netherlands.

They opened their new restaurant in Eindhoven just a week ago. It is located in the city center, on the Nieuwstraat, the place where Balls & Glory was before. I still felt a lilttle sad while going to Yoghurt Barn for the first time... Balls & Glory was one of my favorite places. But the sad feeling fell off once inside. Wow, it looks so cute!

Maybe I'm not the typical Dutchie, but I'm not that fond of dairy products, (besides cheese! I'm a true cheese addict). So I was curious if Yoghurt Barn could bring me a good dairy alternative. And they can! They also serve soy, amond, and coconut yoghurt! Ten points YB!

'One Barn Lunch for me', I ordered. A platter with a yoghurt of choice, a drink and a slice of any cake/bread you desire. I went with the banana bread and found myself a cozy little table in the corner.

Judgment: Thumbs up for the coconut yoghurt! I ordered the one with figs because I wanted to eat somewhat healthy. But I can imagine that if you are going for the Oreo one it will even be better. The banana bread was fine too, it had chocolate chips, but... this can't beat the loaf they serve at Onder de Leidingstraat, which is still my favorite.

I will be back at Yoghurt Barn, I'm sure. I want to try the high tea as well, heard good stories about that one. It is always a good thing having more option to eat light lunches in the city. Ow, they have free wifi as well!

Yoghurt Barn

Nieuwstraat 30 - Eindhoven

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