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Yeah, it has been a bit quite lately with all hotspotting and news on this blog... But here I am again!

(I know you've missed me ;)).

There is a relatively NEW place in town and it is good! Stories is located at Strijp S, to be precise, next to 'Ontdekfabriek', entrance at Torenallee.

And here is why I like the place so much:

1. I love plants. Stories has a house full of plants hanging from the ceiling.

2. The ordering system is soooo 2018 and future proof!

Let me explain that last one. We came in and needed to hurry since we only had a 1 hour lunch break. We sat down at an open table and found an ordering tablet to order everything. Not only food, but we could also order drinks with this device. So that is what we did, we ordered two egg dishes and coffees. In a short amount of time a friendly waiter brought the drinks first and in 15 minutes time the egg dishes arrived. Let me tell you, this place was packed with people! But due to the ordering system we could still finish our lunch in a relaxed way within the hour.

Some might say: 'That is so unpersonal'. It is not, because the people bringing your order are real friendly and don't look like in a hurry. For me it was like truly efficient! We probably had to wait for quite a while if it wasn't for the tablet. It even showed us how much we had to pay.

And, most important: the food was delicious too! So, a winner for me!


Torenallee 22 - Eindhoven

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