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When visiting a new town the best way to discover it is by recommendations from locals, isn't it?

I want to help tourists, students and expats from abroad meet with my Eindhoven. Don't belong in these categories? Don't worry, you're still welcome.


Fab040 is my personal guide of Eindhoven, the city I love so much. This blog was created because of an urge to write and the need to share my knowledge about my hometown. My friends got tired of it... So now I'm telling everybody :)


Let me point out this blog contains all things I love, not facts but much more my personal and local opinion. Oh, and I don't get sponsored or anything. Let's see if you can relate!


Do you have any questions? About Eindhoven? About Fab040? Where I buy my lipstick? Don't hesitate to ask! I'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


Have fun reading!



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