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Do you know the feeling when you are walking into a place and it reminds you of home? I had just that feeling when I stepped inside the freshly opened 'Koffiehuisje' (Little Coffee House).

Koffiehuisje is not new to us Eindhovenaren, it changed location though. Now you can find it at the back end of the PSV soccer stadium. Somewhat hidden from the city center. If you think hidden means quite you are wrong. When I went there last Saturday it was packed. Couples, girlfriends, children, such a lively place! Berlinish.

Besides coffee there are a lot of lunch options to pick from too. Soups are served in big bowls, the sandwiches are really tasty. But the thing that really stands out for me is the hospitality of the people who work here. So friendly!

I only ever write about places in Eindhoven which do the trick for me. When it comes to Koffiehuisje I can honestly say that this will be one of my favorites from now on. You can start with a savings card when you come in for the first time and leave it in a special tray on the counter. Mine is hugging the other cards inside ;).


De Jonghlaan 32 - Eindhoven

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