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Due to COVID-19 all tours are cancelled 'till July 2020. 
When visiting a new town the best way to discover it is by meeting up with a local who shows you around, isn't it? Well, we are proud locals who love telling you about our city!
You can join us on a free walking tour around town. We'll bring you our Eindhoven, tell you things we know about our history and what made Eindhoven to what it is now. All from a locals point of view. 
Are you up for it? We are looking forward to meet you!

Hi, I'm Roosmarijn

Hi, I'm Claudia

Hi, I'm Marjon

In this walking tour we'll walk through the city and you'll be introduced to the towns history, present and local insider spots. Starting in the city center, heading in the direction of Strijp or staying central. We have one tour a week, see the calendar below to see what route we'll walk. 
Strijp ROUTE
Eindhoven wouldn't be what it is now without Philips, this is our soul. The tour contains Philips (factory) history, but much more than that alone! Raw and industrial are keywords. 
City Center ROUTE
Learning about the history of Eindhoven. How did the small town grow bigger and bigger? What has changed and what does the future look like?
These are tip-only tours. You decide ‘if’ and ‘how much’ you want to tip at the end. Whatever you feel the tour was worth to you. All tours are in ENGLISH.
Both walking tours start at the Philips museum. You can find it in the city center. We'll meet up at the street side, Emmasingel 31 in Eindhoven. See the map at the bottom for the exact location!
Please note that the Strijp ROUTE ends on a different location from where we start. The end is near Strijp S train station, a 15-minute walk back to the city center or you can go back by train. 
(Almost) every Saturday afternoon! It starts at 1.00 PM and has a duration of approximately 3 hours. Both tours have a break at one of the two cool food halls in Eindhoven. Here you can drink/eat something and use the toilet.
Book your walking tour now in the booking calendar below.
If you would like to book MORE THAN 5 PLACES for the tour, please get in touch! 
See you soon!  
TAKE NOTE: If there are less than 3 people joining the tour might be canceled.

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Tour 2  - City Center ROUTE 

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