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It may not come as a surprise that I really love my city!

'Why?', will some of you think. ' What is it about Eindhoven that is so likable?!' Well...

I love how it is small but full of great minds. How it is edgy in its own kind of way. It's kind of an underdog but we do not care for that, this is Eindhoven, and we do things in our own way. Free spirits, in your face honesty. A big cultural scene of design, rock and electronic music. I can tell which people are from Woensel, which live in Gestel and who isn't from Eindhoven at all. I love the small talk around neighbourhood grocery stores. No beauty from the outside, we keep it hidden.

Yes, this is my Eindhoven.

This is EINDHOVEN! A really cool artwork which represents the coolness of this city for me. Raw, hidden, modern. Our history is present in a really unique way. The piece is so well thought of by the artist Donald van Schilt! Do you see the holy daredevil in the lights of Arcade combined with the Arnol

'city of light tattoo'? The closer you look at this work the more you'll recognize. The lightbulb, in the third piece of this triptych, is our underground city logo, made by Lempke. This one always brings a smile to my face :).

I really feel like this is an artwork that shows the city from an Eindhoven point of view, this is what Einhoven is for us locals.

The piece is for sale now, only in a limited edition though. I have it on my wall ♥ ;).

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