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7 Things to look forward to in 2016

Dear friends. The year is almost over and what a wonderful year it was!

Fab040 was created in 2015, that alone is enough reason for me to look back at this year with warm feelings. And now, with the next year hiding around the corner, it's time to look ahead.

2015 Was great, let us all make a killer 2016!

No doubt about the fact that my year will start in the best possible way. I'm spending my first month abroad, in the sun of Thailand. But I will not leave you empty-handed. With these 7 great prospects for the new year you will not be bored.

I wish you all a happy new year! Don't forget to party! Hope to see you all again in February.

Suono Culture presents: Monoloc - January 9 2016, Effenaar Eindhoven

Great parties were held in 2015, great parties are ahead in 2016. Starting with this one. Suono Culture presents Monoloc. Techno from Berlin at its best! This guy did Berghain. Top class in Eindhoven.

Watch a movie at 'De Zwarte Doos' (the black box) - TU/e Eindhoven

In January they have one hell of a program prepared. Three of my favorite movies from 2015 will be shown. Starting with ' Straight outta Compton' on January 11th. Followed by 'Amy' and 'The Martian'. For the full program click here.

The Happiness Café - Nieuwe Emmasingel 9, Eindhoven

Not actually opening in January, but the owners will receive the key of this new hotspot in Eindhoven next month. I can't wait to try their healthy food! We don't have enough clean food options in town, so I really dig their concept of detox meals and even a yogurt bar. Definitely will be watching this one.

Weare - January 16 2016, Effenaar Eindhoven

Another new club night arrived! This organisation brings house music to town. This brand new concept has its first party in Effenaar on the 16th of January

In October this yellow room opened in 'Van Abbemuseum'. 'Yellow Interior in 11.620 parts' its called. The 11.620 parts are all cleaning wipes. Getting filthier and filthier. That's because the room itself has no ceiling, weather leaves its traces on it. And once in a while its open for the public to enter the room.

The whole thought about this room is that it represents the soul, which also gets stained when time goes by. You can visit this expo untill March 13th 2016.

Vintage kilo sale - January 23 2016, Temporary Art Center (TAC) Eindhoven

Why! WHY!?! This is my ALL TIME favorite event ever! I can't attend it :(.

But for those who can, please go! The very best vintage items are on sale here. Such good buys and really cheap. Darn.

Carnaval - February 6-9 2016, Eindhoven

Not my favorite feast of the year, but I know lots of you like it. I suggest to go to the parade on Saturday afternoon. Another good option is 'Thunderdommel' which is held in Tuchthuis.

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