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Home Stock limited editions

In Eindhoven since June and I'm already a fan! This is a shop close to my heart. A mix of vintage and design items, just how I like it.

Home Stock limited editions sells furniture, vintage props, kids stuff, kitchen supplies and more. Some articles are numbered, these are the limited editions. One out of five chance to buy the piece you love! (As an example).

If you like a bohemian style home this is the place for you, also industrial lovers are served with pretty items. The store looks like an organised mess, a good mess though. The kind of mess you want to stick your nose in. You can easily lose an hour here. And walk out with new treasures, of course.

Home Stock has two shops in the Netherlands. They started in Haarlem and Eindhoven has the second one. Their goal is to open 27 more shops, that's why this shop is numbered too, 2/29.

I bought a really cute miniature light box today! I love it! Now I have to come up with a cool phrase... any suggestions?!

Homestock limited editions

Nieuwe Emmasingel 30 - Eindhoven - €€

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