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TK Maxx

New in town! TK Maxx opened its first store in the Netherlands today, in Eindhoven! Did you go shopping? I did :).

TK Maxx parades with the fact that they deliver selections of brand name and designer products at a significant discount compared to the prices in a department store. Up to 60% less. No doubt about it, I must check it out immediately!

The store is nothing fancy, it looks like a Primark store. Hmm, bummer. If I'm shopping designer products I kind of need a chic feel to come with it. But hey, you can't have everything.

When I first looked around I thought there wasn't anything I liked. Not my style at all!

But at the second glimpse I saw some products that did suit me. That's the thing here. You have to look very closely and then you can find good stuff. (See pictures).

Besides clothes they have shoes, bags, wallets, hair and body products, perfume.. you name it. Even christmas decoration.

Will I return to this store? Yes, I probably will. If you are lucky that one gem, in a pile of crap, is waiting for you.

TK Maxx

Heuvel Galerie 183 - Eindhoven

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