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Temporary Art Center (TAC)

The Temporary Art Center in Eindhoven, TAC, is a creative nest which I often visit, wanting to be part of it. The white building is not polished but industrial, artsy and just something else.

The location is permanent, but the inside changes every time. And that's just how it's meant to be.

Expositions come and go. The same goes for parties, theatre, festivals and lectures. TAC also provides work places for the creative minded, from webdesigners to dancers.

Just take a look at their schedule online. It's a good place for a drink too, sit in the garden if you can, it's very cute.

I mostly enjoy the parties there, like 'TACnival', one of their festivals.

Twice a year they have a huge vintage clothing sale which blows my mind every time. The music is always good, people are always in a good mood and because of the creativity it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, just be you.

Temporary Art Centre (TAC)

Vonderweg 1 - Eindhoven

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