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Diyar supermarket

When you love fruit and veggies like I do you know how expensive it is to buy them at a regular grocery store. Here is a huge tip for you: go buy them at Turkish supermarkets!

At Diyar on the Kruisstraat they have everything I wish for as a food lover! Even the fruits I never find at Albert Heijn, like papaya or dragon fruit. The vegetables are also fresh and very cheap. Last week I had a fully loaded bag with sweet potatoes, mint, bananas, mango, almonds, strawberries and cabbage and I paid EUR 5 or something like that, crazy!

Diyar is the best there is! I went to the other Turkish stores in the Kruisstraat but never found one that's better, cheaper or fresher than Diyar. It can be very crowded here which isn't that surprising. Note that it is worth waiting in line for, just look around and enjoy the variety of people .:) Luckily they are open on sundays.

Diyar supermarket

Kruistraat 43 A - Eindhoven

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