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Cucina Italiana

What is typical Italian? Enjoying food A LOT! When I think of the perfect Italian food experience I imagine a long lunch or dinner with a couple of food courses, nice wines, a sweet dessert and a good coffee at the end. Italians take time to eat and they prefer good company.

This week I had a real Italian experience, here, in my hometown Eindhoven. It felt as if I was back in Rome again, (went there in May :)). It was at Cucina Italiana, a real Italian cooking school and restaurant, located at the Veem building on Strijp S.

This place is a special gem where they are so very welcoming to guests from al over the world!

Ailén is your host and Giovanni is the chef. Both Italian (North region), both very much in love with Eindhoven, both such nice people. Besides serving gorgeous food they are very active in the Eindhoven expat community. Which makes Cucina Italiana also a social hub for taking cooking classes, learning Italian language and just to socialize.

About the food... WOW! This is the place in Eindhoven to taste REAL Italian food. They serve original Italian dishes and take them to the max. First course: an Arancino filled with saffron risotto and minced meat, second course: gorgeous Pasta Norma and for dessert a little piece of Sicily: connolo. In every dish I've tasted so many flavours and it was all so fresh! I took lunch slow, since I didn't want to finish this food.

Giovanni told us the story behind every dish and Ailén explained they use a lot of locals products in their food. Like herbs from the city farm in the Veem building and cheese from Jokkmokk.

I can go on for a while about this place, but I think you should go and find out yourself! You can have lunch or dinner here or even order take-away, (they use deliveroo too). Or you can attend one of their Italian food theme nights. Just make sure you reserve a place so they know you are coming :).

You will not regret your visit! I'm very sure. I'm also very sure they will see me again soon!

Cucina Italiana

Torenallee 86 - 02 ('t Veem), Eindhoven

www.cucina-italiana.eu - €€