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It sounds posh: 'Victoria'. Well, it looks posh too! If I could hand out a price for Eindhovens prettiest looking restaurant this one might be the winner!

Victoria is located at, you can guess it maybe, Victoriapark. The interior is great, but also the food caught me by surprise. Not the originality of the menu, since most dishes I know already, but the outcome of what I orderded had me. Delicious chai latte, really terrific sandwich goat cheese!

I don't know why, but for some reason I always passed this restaurant without getting in. For some reason it is not that well known, but also not that new anymore. I think this place deserves to be on the hotspot list of Eindhoven. I need to name it again, I can't get over the art deco looks. The blue velvet couch is so instagrammable. It felt I stepped into 20s London, Peaky Blinders style.

I want my house to look like this ❤

Went for lunch this time, next time I will definitely come back for dinner. The concept is that you can choose how big a portion of food you want, (S, M, L). So either you share some small dishes, or you can get a larger portion just for you.

See you soon Victoria!

Restaurant Victoria

Victoriapark 15 - Eindhoven

www.victoria-eindhoven.nl - €€

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