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Mr. Sister

Jawohl. Another great spot to eat opened not that long ago in our Eindje.

Gorgeous place CHECK

Central location CHECK

Picture perf/delish foods CHECK

The place I'm talking about is Mr. Sister. Located at Kleine Berg in the old hardware store 'Van der Schoot'. From the outside you can not imagine what the inside looks like. That is one of the reasons you have to visit this spot. It is huge, it totally surprised me. AND, there is a really cool gallery on the upper floors which you can visit during your time here. Look for the 'Donald van Schilt' piece while your at it ;)

I went there for lunch, they have a LOT of good lunch choices. Since I'm a sucker for poached eggs I chose an avocado/spinach/poached eggs sandwich. Well... This was a good choice! The poached eggs are perfectly shaped, all flavours match. So I went back later that week and ordered the same dish again :). Poached eggs, PLEASE!

I also enjoyed the service. We brought my little nephew, (read baby), and they offered great child service. So, all of you mums and dads: this is a really child friendly place to go to.

See you soon Mr. Sister!

Mr. Sister

Kleine Berg 45 - Eindhoven

www.mrsister.nl - €€