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Chicoz and chicaz here is Chidóz, the NEW kid in town. If you enjoy Mexican food you'll enjoy Chidóz.

In my opinion the city needed a place like this. We have enough burger places and some places where you can eat Mexican food too, but not like this one. At Chidóz you can arrange your whole meal by picking a base first (like a burrito wrap) and fill it as you please. No Taco Bell prices, but definitely more budget proof than eating in a restaurant, (and tastier than TB ofcourse).

Chidóz has take-away service, but you can also eat at their shop which has 8 tables or so. I ordered a vegan burrito and it was the best one I had since being in San Francisco's Mission District, (which is leading in veggie burrito's). It was a big one to hoover, gosh! It is defeinitely a satisfying portion they serve here. All tasted fresh and full of flavours! Donald had the nachos and loved the slow cooked meat.

The service is great too! The nice guy behind the counter offered me a taste of their own mango/spiced sauce which is also delish. I'm very sure I will be at Chidóz more often!


Keizersgracht 21 - Eindhoven

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