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Top 25 - December party list!

We all love December, we all hate December. Of course we like the free days off work, seeing family maybe and getting gifts. Be if we are truly honest... we see A LOT of family this month. There are many not so voluntarily meet-ups in December when we just want to be on the couch, snuggeling, because December is sooooo COLD!

How to cope with all this? Party your ass off! Choose a lot of moments to dance away the pressure. Luckily for us there are so many parties to go to, December is known as party-month of the year!

To help you out in your choice of which parties to attend, here, in this list, you can find all good ones.

I'm pretty sure there are even more feasts to be announced, but I reckon you'll have enough to choose from here:


Vunzige deuntjes X child's play - December 1 - Effenaar:EndFragment

Jonna Fraser live, house, eclectic, hip hop. Lot's of ass shakings. Ticket: EUR 14,50

Maschine 4 - December 2 - Ketelhuis:

Underground party, Eindhoven techno DJs spinning the wheels. Ticket: EUR 10

Zoete Zin - December 2 - Oude Rechtbank:

Tropical vibes, dancehall, zouk, afro and such. Ticket: EUR 12

Straf_werk - December 8 - Klokgebouw:

My first favorite! Techno and house, big names, love it! Ticket: EUR 37,50

Club vrijdag - December 8 - ?:

Secret location still, party le chic, wear your heels and dress red. Ticket: EUR 23.50 (age: 25+)

Drum022 - December 9 - De sociale dienst:

Raw basement party, techno and 80% guys. Albert van Abbe as resident DJ. Ticket: EUR 10

Geluidsdrug party - December 9 - Artspace Flipside:

Into techno? This is your night! Besides Drum022 you can also visit this one. Ticket: EUR 5

Trainingspakkendag - December 10 - Café 't Lempke:

This party is so wrong, it must be hilarious! Ajax-PSV in tracksuit AND dancing to Darkraver. FREE

Blessed - December 15 - Oude Rechtbank:

A brand NEW party in Eindhoven. Dancehall and reggaeton hotness. Ticket: EUR 12

Funki Bizniz - December 16 - Karel 1 Museumcafé:

Tickets are already sold out, so watch FB and pray for quitters cause this one is cool, NY style.

Shakedown - December 16 - De Sociale dienst:

Funk and soul shakedown, dress code: christmas chique! Best way to prep for santa. Ticket: EUR 5


Het Wild - December 22 - Ketelhuis:

Tom Trago! House, eclectic, funki, great :) Het Wild three year anniversary. Ticket: EUR 15

Vriendjespolitiek - December 22 - Oude Rechtbank:

Another R&B & hip hop special in the courthouse! This Amsterdam party likes Eindhoven. Ticket: EUR 8

Onheil - December 23 - De sociale dienst:

A diverse electronic sound (of the underground) brings you holiday spirit (or not)..! Ticket: EUR 5

Club Naaldwerk Xmas edition - December 23 - Café Wilhelmina:

Vinyl! All different sorts of music played by plastics, YAY! FREE

PLaNeT CHRoMe - December 23 - The Saint:

Watch The Saint completely redecorated, shiny and chrome. Hip hop, bass and synth. Ticket: EUR 10

Tech Nose Reindeer - December 24 - Oude Rechtbank:

Deep- and Techhouse by Dans en Grietje X MOZEM. Ticket: price yet unknown

Yellow Claw + RGB disco - December 24 - Effenaar:

Combine Yellow Claw and Silent disco and the party goes! Expect younger crowds. Ticket: 20

Atmoz classics indoor - December 26 - Effenaar:

Back in time to the Atmoz days, my second fav of the list. Expect older crowds. Ticket: EUR 19,50


De Grote Oud & Nieuw tijdmachine - December 31 / January 1 - Effenaar:

You can vote for the style of music here. 70's or 00's, your call! Ticket: EUR 22,50

Gold & New - December 31 / January 1 - Ketelhuis:

Dance till 6.00AM Biki 90 style. Silent disco present. Red, green, blue? You decide. Ticket: EUR 22,50

Herrie met Gerrie NYE special - December 31 / January 1 - The Saint:

Free prosecco and (tech)house tunes. Dancers, confetti and such. Ticket: upto EUR 29,95

NYE 2018 - December 31 / January 1 - TAC:

My third favorite! Best party of the year! Three areas of fun, all styles. Ticket: EUR 20

Rewind Black Tie - December 31 / January 1 - Oude Rechtbank:

Regular tickets are sold out already, you can still find 'aperitivo' tickets though! Ticket: EUR 55

We all love 80's 90's 00's NYE - December 31 / January 1 - Evoluon:

Always wanted to party in the space ship? Here's your chance :). Ticket: upto EUR 32

I wish you all a hell of a party month! Remember: new years resolutions are for January, do as you please an have a blast!