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DDW for dummies pt. 2 | Central Area

DDW is going strong, five days have past, 4 more days to come! Have you visited some places already?

The last couple of days I did Central Area, which is by far the biggest area to go visit. From Design perron to Hallenweg is too far of a walk. If you want to see it all get yourself one of those fancy ABN AMRO DDW bicycles.

To be completely honest, I didn't like most of what I saw in this area. If you have been to DDW more often you've seen some things already since it is the same as the last year(s).

What I do like is:


You can find this expo in the former V&D building in the center of town. That is the first thing I like. Being able to go in a building that they closed up a long time ago. I could still remember the V&D times being inside. At Modebelofte clothing designers show you fashion of the future. Okay, maybe you must be into fashion a little, but I'm sure you will like it even if you don't give a shit. Cool music, cool designs, cool colors. Wacky, freaky and definitely fleeky.

Robot Love:

Also in the former V&D building, you can visit this and Modebelofte together! Robot love brings you... guess what.. Robots! They are showing you robots can be affective, social. That is kind of a frightening fact, don't you think? That is what I like about this event, when visiting Robot Love you are amazed and afraid at the same time. It is a real view in future times.

Downtown Gourmet Market:

Did you know that during DDW they design food at Downtown Gourmet Market? At 14.00 PM, 18.00 PM and 20.00 PM the cooks gather and make real life delicious artwork of their specialties :).

Test your smell at the Student Hotel:

In the Student Hotel, near the lobby, there is an installation present to test your smell. Surf to a website shown on a sign, smell one of the eight tubes and answer the question 'What smell is this?'.

At the end you'll get a score on how good or bad your nose is.


This is one a little bit out of the central route you might follow. Hallenweg is in between Hoogstraat and Gestelsestraat. If you are visiting this part of DDW make sure you visit Vij5 as well. A design duo from Eindhoven, which now collaborate with other designers too. They produce gorgeous furniture.

Want to score a Vij5 design at a bargain price? They have a b-choice corner with discounts up to 40%.

You don't need a DDW ticket to visit the spots I've just mentioned! Tomorrow I'll be at East Area. If you stay tuned you'll see my tips on that part too. If not, have a nice DDW.

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