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DDW for dummies pt.1 | Strijp Area

As I told you in my latest post I'm no big design enthusiast. Meaning: I like beautiful and/or clever things. I like to be amazed by stuff I've never seen before, who doesn't? So, is Dutch Design Week a good place for me to go visit? One big YES IT IS. And for you as well!

You don't have to know about design or designers. There is plenty of great things to see, even if you haven't got a clue... like me! And it is great to see Eindhoven in a different way, visiting corners you may have never visited before.

Today I visited Strijp Area, as a DDW dummy. This is one of the three DDW corners. Here are some things I really liked about this area, AND you don't even have to buy a DDW ticket to go see them!

Piet Hein Eek:

This is definitely a must visit if you have never been here before. Apart from DDW this is just a gorgeous piece of Eindhoven. The building is great, with all the floors and corners. During DDW you can see a big variety of usable stuff, like homestock and decorating materials. Everyday things but in a very cool way you've never seen them before. Picture perfect and not difficult to understand at all.

Go see the designs of the young designers and don't forget to try the sweater chair by Eigengijs.

Manhattan by Diederick Kraaijveld:

What Diederick can do with old pieces of wood is truly amazing. At Piet Hein Eek you can see he sculpted the map of Manhattan in New York, totally made out of little pieces of wood. I can't even imagine how much work this must have been.

The 9th floor of 't Veem building:

You have to take the elevator for this one. I hope you're not claustrofobic because the elevator was packed! I have never been in such a crowded little space, hoping the cables were strong enough. But all was forgotten when arriving on the 9th floor. One big dark industrial space. I love being in spaces that are normally closed for public.

Freaky, funny and weird things to see here. I still don't have a clue what it was I saw, but I liked it a lot.

A lot of interactive things as well, to be a part of yourself. Picture perfect and instagrammable to the max.

I hope I inspired you to go take (a little) look at this area, if not than maybe the pictures below may do the job :). I'll be visiting the other areas during this week. If you are up for more tips just stay tuned....

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