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DDW for Dummies - Stretch

Hi! Well, this has been a while :). It seems like ages ago I've posted my last blog post. It was actually three months and a bit. I'm back (and married), so good to see you here (again)!

I bet you already know it is almost that time of year again. Dutch Desgin Week (DDW) is ahead and starts October 21, less than a week from now. The upcoming nine DDW days Eindhoven will be design capital of the world.

But what if you don't know anything about design? Is DDW still something to visit?

Well, from one design dummy to another I can tell you: it is!

So here is my DDW for dummies guidance. I've looked at the DDW program, in search of those spots that seem the coolest. Let me tell you that I'm not patient. When I do Dutch Design Week the exhibits has to stand out, must immediately address, to get my attention. I'm not the reading type, that stops to read a whole banner to understand what is meant. So with that in mind, these are the spots I'm going to visit fo sho:

Bart Hess - Trance | CENTRAL AREA: Because I've seen his former work and love visiting spots I've never been before.

Embassy of robot love | CENTRAL AREA: Because robots and love is a big contrast AND I just want to be in the former V&D again.

Piet Hein Eek | STRIJP AREA: Because of the fact that the design shown is practical and full of fashion. So curious about 'Sweater chair' as in I want to own one :).

Vlisco day and night | CENTRAL AREA: Because Vlisco fabric makes me smile. Modebelofte always brings cool stuff to the table during DDW.

Hallenweg's studio stroll | CENTRAL AREA: Because Hallenweg is a true hidden gem. Lots of food, cool studio design. I'm quite fond of VIJ5, awesome stuff!

Everything at EAST AREA: Because East area is by far the funnest place to be during DDW. It is raw and real, what you see is what you get.

Chagall (DDW MUSIC) | CENTRAL AREA: Because I've missed her performance at STRP festival but heard great things about it! DDW music brings you all kinds of music performances all through the city!

Linde Schone (DDW MUSIC) | CENTRAL AREA: Because Linde is a Dutch Tove Lo.

OWOW | CENTRAL AREA: Because we all love to dance.

This is it for now, but definitely not it if it comes to DDW. There is probably way more cool stuff to go explore, which I will do ofcourse. So follow me in my dummy role during my DDW experience and I hope to inspire you to come too! Dummy or not ;).

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