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Can you imagine this: the weather might actually be good next week!

So, here is what you should do! Go to Lakedance!

I know, you are asking yourself, Lakedance... whut?! What has Lakedance to do with Eindhoven?

Since you're reading a fab040 post. Well, for me Aquabest is Eindhoven. Not on the map, but it feels like Eindhoven since it is so close by.

Next week is Lakedance time! I'm writing about this because for me, and a lot of Eindhovenaren with me, Lakedance is the kick off for festival season! YAY, Summer is coming!!

I like this particular festival so much because of the at ease atmosphere, happy people and familiar faces. Everybody is going to Lakedance. What's also chill is the very cool location by the lake at Aquabest.

For me the best Lakedance moment is when the sun goes down and the lights are turned on.

I don't know, festivals seem some sort of magical in the shimmer and all the dancing bodies. Okay.. Now I sound like a poet, I'll stop.

Just go there, you only have one week left to buy your tickets and I've heard the ticket sales are booming, almost all tickets are gone. And if you go and you might see me.. don't forget to say hi!

Lakedance - May 20 - Aquabest Best


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