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Down Town Gourmet Market

Hello Down Town Gourmet Market!

Just opened this week and I'm already hooked. What a great place to bring your friends, have wine and gossip!

Yes, an all new food market right in the middle of the city center. This is what Smalle Haven needed.

A cute little street where there was not much going on since two of my favorites left... (Still miss you Doortje Vintage and Smalle Haven restaurant). But no more tears, because of this new player in town.

This food market has 20-ish participants all bringing different types of food to the table. There are a lot of tables to sit at, outside also, which makes this place a good new option to catch some sun.

The best terrace is to find right outside a spot called Mr. Meat. A lot of sunshine there and it has a really good vibe to it.

My other recommendations go to Spado food and Miss Temaki.

The owner of Spado food, a really nice guy (and a MasterChef participant), is half Spanish and half Indonesian. So you'll find his food is a mix of those two kitchens. The Spanish hams are a real treat, a perfect match for red wine.

Miss Temaki, YAY for Japanese. Everybody that knows me knows I'm a real sushi critic. Here the sushi is so good and soooo gorgeous looking. I'll bet you'll enjoy it too!

Don't forget to get an icecream at Kees! This price winning icecream place from Geldrop also has a stand in the market.

Well, you can probably tell I'm very glad Down Town Gourmet Market is here. Just go check it out yourself now!

OR...! Watch my video about Down Town Gourmet Market here:

Down Town Gourmet Market

Smalle Haven - Eindhoven - €€

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