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It sounds like a big pot of mashed potatoes with carrots, (it does for us Dutchies), but it's not :).

It is a store, a really cool store and it's new, right in the center of Eindhoven.

Maybe you've noticed the city center is changing. New stores pop up like skirts on the first sunny days. We're becoming a high level shopping walhalla! I'm really enjoying this fact. Hutspot is a fine addition to the bunch.

Hutspot was founded in 2012, the first store opened in Amsterdam. Eindhoven is the 4th city where you can find one of its concept stores. They adopt new trends early on and always have unique designs. From cool gadgets to watches and must-have clothes for man and woman.

I always get fairly greedy when in a Hutspot store. Man, those candles, scrub salts, sunglasses, cards, watches, shoes, lamps, earrings, etc., etc., etc. I saw at least 28 things I wanted when I was there yesterday. And it is such a pretty store, all white and clean :).

Soon the Oatmeal Bar will open inside the Hutspot store. This will be a cool new healthy food spot in the city! Oatmeal Bar collabs with The Happiness Café and Bean Brothers so it must be good!!


Nieuwe Emmasingel 44 - Eindhoven

www.hutspot.com - €€

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