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The Happiness Kitchen

We were all waiting for it.. and now it is OPEN! The Happiness Kitchen opened its doors today!

Last year we were so happy when The Happiness Café came to town. Today they've opened up a second shop. This one is much more about lunch, dinner and delicious juices.

As I mentioned in my latest vlog: in the center of Eindhoven we don't have enough places to go eat healthy. Sure there are some restaurants who have healthy options, but I just wanted a place where I don't just have one or two dishes to choose from. Now it's here and I'm so glad :)

This is a salad walhalla! There is a whole vegetarian corner with loads of options. Just go for a plate and pick whatever you like. You can build your own plate of food.

I went bezark and wanted everything! So I've ended up with a full plate of different salads, a goatcheese muffin, some beef stew, several dips, a beet burger and a piece of sweet potato pie.

It really made me happy! All so very tastefull and fresh. My eyes where bigger than my stomach though, but that's fine. They've made me a doggy bag to go and now I have my delicious lunch for tomorrow.

Besides the amazing food it is also a really lovely place to sit, there is a tree inside! And the owner and staff are so nice. Thank you The Happiness Kitchen for being here!

Want to see more of The Happiness Kitchen?! Stay tuned for my next vlog!

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The Happiness Kitchen

Nieuwstraat 25 - Eindhoven

www.thehappinesskitchen.nl - €€

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