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Mr. Morris Juice Challenge

New year, new plans to make 2017 as healthy as possible!!

Last week I did a 5 day Juice Challenge, brought by Mr. Morris.

Do you know Mr. Morris? It's that really cool juice bar located at Stationsplein, (the square in front of the central station), in Eindhoven.

In this Juice Challenge you'll drink healthy juices and juices only for 5 days in a row.

The idea behind this challenge is that you will gain energy, lose weight and get a healthy mindset.

AND... I can guarantee you, this will happen XD.

Mr. Morris is inspired by Joe Cross, their challenge is based on his ideas of a healthier lifestyle. You can watch a documentary about Joe Cross on Netflix, it is called 'Fat, sick and nearly dead'. Here you can see what juicing can do for you, I think it is really inspiring.

In my 5 days I had some ups and downs, you can see them in my vlog, which you can find here.

And now, after completing this task, I'm so proud of myself! I definitely feel better. My stomach is calm (and flat ;)), I lost the weight I gained in the December period and I feel strong enough to keep on eating green and healthy. My mindset changed and I don't feel the need to eat candy etc. Big differences!

If you want to do a Juice Challenge yourself you can contact Mr. Morris! They offer them all year round. Twice a year they will start with a group of people which is terrific, you can support each other and celebrate the winnings together :).

Thank you so much Mr. Morris!

Mr. Morris

Stationsplein - Eindhoven

Mr. Morris Facebook