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7 things to look forward to in 2017

Hello!! And welcome to 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years evening and I wish you all the best for this freshly new period.

Let's start the new year with a list. I personally love lists, my whole life counts on lists, so here is one to share.

What is going on in 2017 in our city?! Probably a lot of things we don't know of yet, but here are some fun things we do know of. These are my favorite things to look forward to:

Today, as we speak, is the opening of Loods 61. A new place to hang at the Kleine Berg. The plans are to make a large terrace in front of the restaurant and it even has a few free parking spots, which is very clever on this part of town. You can come here for lunch, drinks or dinner. I'm very curious about it!

There is a lot of work on progress at The Happiness Kitchen. WOW, just last year I told you about the opening of The Happiness Café, and now they are opening up a second location already. Good for them, and good for us! You can find the new place at the Nieuwstraat. They are building now to open soon.

Hot tub week it is! Head to Effenaar from Monday 16 January to Friday the 20th of January for a whole new experience. Wetflix brings you the opportunity to go see a movie while chilling in a hot tub :). Why are they doing this so shortly after the holidays? Don't they know nobody is in bikini shape right now ;). On Friday they even have a hot tub party, Bubble Up, speedo dancing allowed.

Everyone that knows me knows I'm really into vintage clothing. The 26th of January Mint Market brings us a new concept of a Vintage Swap! This means you can bring your own vintage stuff, the pieces you don't wear anymore, and swap them for new babies. YAY, since I have a lot of vintage coolness which I just don't love that much anymore I will definitely go there to trade them to new things. All with a closed purse. Love it! Women only. Hope to see you there.

In February a big thing is happening. We all saw the rising of The Student Hotel, next to our train station. Well, in February they are opening up shop. The building looks so cool! I'm really curious about the inside of it. What we already know is that there is a restaurant/place called 'the Pool', from the looks of it this is going to be a really pleasant spot.

Funki Bizniz Royale is a party held at one of the most beautiful buildings in Eindhoven, the old Philips machine room, Restaurant Radio Royaal. A few times a year they are hosting a party, you can attend the next one on February 4th.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to all summer festivals that are coming up later this year. One of my favorites is already announced, the We Are Electric Weekender 2017. In June, just outside Eindhoven, at E3 strand (E3 beach Eersel). Yay for summer days! Did you know it is only 77 days of sleep till spring?

I could go on for a while about great stuff that is happening this year. Like the World Design Expo or the opening of the first Taco Bell. And ofcourse, my number one favorite thing, my own wedding!!

But no, I gave you 7 things now and you should follow Fab040 closely for the rest of this year, so you'll be up-to-date ;).


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