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Van Delft Pepernotenfabriek

If there is anything fun about this season it is the food it brings. Praise the lord for thick pea soup and stews. If there was any doubt of me being Dutch, the way I love potatoes proves it to be very true.

And then there is all of the Sinterklaas candy! WHY..!!! Do you know the 'kikkers and muizen'? The ones in the aluminum wrap? :( I long for them daily these months. And if that wasn't enough today I found Van Delft Pepernotenfabriek again. Last year they had their shop at 'Vershal 't Veem', but now they moved to the Heuvelgalerie.

This shop specializes in peppernuts a.k.a. pepernoten a.k.a. spiced ginger nut, (I don't know how it is called in English actually?), in all kinds of flavours. And some of the sorts are so addictive! Like the caramel seasalt taste, so good, I'm considering to gain 5 kilos for this.

My other favorites are the cappuccino and stroopwafel flavour. Yup, delicious.

You can go on a tasting spree, there are always a couple of trays waiting for you in the shop to get hooked on these nuts. In store they have 50 sorts of peppernuts, so it is really fun to go explore what they all are.

Van Delft - De Pepernotenfabriek

Heuvelgalerie 110 - Einhoven - €

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