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DDW16: East Area

Let me begin by telling you that I'm not the patient type. When I do Dutch Design Week the exhibits has to stand out, must immediately address, to get my attention. I'm not the reading type, that stops to read a whole banner to understand what is meant.

Today I went to East Area/Sectie C. This is my favorite part of DDW, period. The unpolished vibe, the clear work, the workers who open their spaces. Here is work that is made by hand. Not by a robot or some sort of plant that became a mold and then became a plastic kind of nonsense.

Yes, I like it here. And it was sooo cold today! Winter is coming. But do not fear! Here they have fire pits, hot coco and mulled wine :).

Here are my East Area highlights:

ByYoon - Hall 14

Yoni Haacke, leather & design. A hard working girl who makes beautiful bags out of old couches. You can customize one yourself. So if you are tired by your seat, bring it to Yoni and wear it :).

Wintervacht - Hall 12

Wear sheep. Wintervacht, (Winter pelt), makes coats out of wool. But not just the wool jackets you'll find at any store. These are made out of wool blankets. Some blankets even come from the Polish army, used in the 70S.

Wow, this is something hot off the press. Ilse Wouters Academy opened yesterday, first day of DDW. A new cool place in Eindhoven where you can learn acting and presenting. This is a really cool looking space with its own theatre! Hope to see some shows there in the future. Gorgeous place to rent too.

Club C, where you can eat, drink in the middle of the Nacho Carbonell exhibition. The soup they serve is from Juuts Soeperie and there are DJs and live music to make it even more fun. The chairs and tables where you can sit at are gorgeous. I think I might come back here this week.

John Heijink

I don't know the exact location of where I found his work but it is definitely something to look for! This guy made fantastic drawings of DDW 2066, 50 years from now. Here you can see Eindhoven in the future. Will there be a monorail?


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