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DDW16: Strijp Area

Today Dutch Design Week started! A really exciting period of days if you are into design. But not only for those design minded, if you like to see different sights in our city this is your chance!

You can go in buildings which are not open for public normally or eat at a larger variety of food stalls then you are used to. So, I dare you to go find the DDW stuff which you will actually enjoy, even if you're not the designish type of person.

Today I did Strijp Area, which contains Strijp S and Strijp R, but also a small bit Woensel. I did't do the Veem building sadly. The line to enter was really long. I suggest to be there real early or late if you want to go in.

Here are my highlights of this DDW area:

I'm really into the jungalow home decor at the moment. This exhibition reminded me of that. Here you can see a collaboration from Ikea with a designer duo Pinar & Viola. The prints contain forest creatures, birds and bees and other fantasy animals. The collection: STUNSIG, will be in stores from June 2017. This was actually the only thing I liked at Klokgebouw, too commercial for me.

Do try this at home! This sexy exhibition shows erotic installations. I quite enjoyed it here, it is definitely very unique! And there is a bed! A really big bed made completely out of pillows. I want it at my house!

At Natlab you can find a research center. I think that is pretty cool since this is the building where a lot of research took place in history. There is an adorable Indonesian guy which invented a Bagpack Radio. This radio can help broadcasting during disaster periods, which is really helpful actually. You can carry it around, it brings its own power. I find his story very interesting innovation wise. You can find him at the cellar.

All around Piet Hein Eek - Strijp R

If you are familiar with Piet Hein Eek, his atelier and store, then there is a lot which you have seen already. The cool part is that the small designers being around there opened their ateliers too.

I've seen some really cool furniture and home decor there and particularly like ' Ontwerpduo' and 'Social Label'.

Bubble Tea @ InfiniTea - Veemgebouw

Bubble Tea :). Get the one with the popping inside! You can choose different flavors and you can get it at Vershal (market hall). Really, try it!


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