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Trafalgar Pub

This old chap is one of my favorite places to eat when I just want to go out without any make-up on. It's like hanging on a friends couch, it's like eating at your grandma's house, it's like one of the coolest places in Eindhoven.

If you dare to step inside the door, (which is a bit scary because you cannot look inside from the street), you'll imagine yourself in another country. This is definitely a pub, an old English one.

They have the ugliest ceiling in town, but I dig it! The whole place is filled with Tiffany lamps.

The atmosphere is just really chill and snug.

They have the nicest staff, a real smile on their faces. On the menu you'll find a whole lot to choose from. There are several good options but I would definitely recommend to go for one of the pies, you're in a pub! And pick one of the specialty beers to go with it.

When done eating you can continue your evening at the bar, have some more beers, why not, this is home. And grab a really big hand of liquorice on your way out, (another one of my loves) :).

Yes, this remains one of my favorite spots and it has been for so many years now. Please keep on doing the things you do Trafalgar.

Trafalgar Pub

Dommelstraat 21 - Eindhoven

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