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ZwartWit Koffie

Well yes, I am drinking coffee at 3 in the afternoon, it's 7 AM somewhere...

There is a new coffee spot in town! Which is good, because we can't heave enough of these black fuel suppliers. ZwartWit is a modern and fine place, very much the place you want to hang out, read a paper, work or just get a coffee to-go.

ZwartWit is located at Eindhovens new corner, Victoriapark, and they just opened this week. Did you know this part of town gets a park with water? I didn't. But they have great plans with it.

Back to ZwartWit. Besides the great coffees you can also have a fresh drink or something to sink your teeth in. I haven't tried the food yet but I must go back to try their sandwich pulled pork. They serve it with dried fruits and... wait for it... a creme of lobster and coffee (sauce). Hmm... a big question mark appeared when I read this, but this is definitely a new combination for me. Bring it on!

Go check ZwartWit out! You'll enjoy being in their cool atmosphere.

ZwartWit Koffie

Victoriapark 7 - Eindhoven - €

ZwartWit koffie
ZwartWit koffie
ZwartWit koffie