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De Burger

Located at my favorite street in Eindhoven, this burger joint is just a chill place to eat. I forgot about De Burger actually, I went there a couple of times when the place just opened its doors and somehow that was it. Until this weekend when we, my friend Sanne and myself, searched for a sunny and cute terrace to have dinner.

De Burger is always crowded with people. I get that, if you crave for a juicy burger and want a good value for money this is the best place around. It is a cozy spot, there aren't a lot of tables. But if you manage to get one you'll be pleased with the food and great service.

I chose the chicken truffle burger, my favorite one! Grilled veggies, tasty bun and deliciously seasoned.

Thinking about it now makes me want to run back and get one right this minute :). Don't forget to order the fries too. Super crunchy and with tasty mayonaise.

They have a number of different beers to match the burger of your choice. That is just the combo to make, isn't it? Beer and burger. For those getting enthusiastic and thinking about bringing a date to this place... Maybe you should think again. It is impossible to eat this food in a neat romantic way XD.

De Burger

Kerkstraat 5 - Eindhoven

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