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Roll or Bowl

Today I want to tell you about my favorite food truck. They roll around Eindhoven and surroundings. It is called Roll or Bowl and it's superb :).

Food trucks are very popular nowadays, it seems like there is a food truck festival around every weekend. Great development if you ask me, good food for nice prices and these festivals are always a good spot to just hang and drink some wine.

Roll or Bowl brings more to the table than just good food, it is super tasty! AND, and that why I like it even more, it is quite healthy. The food they serve has to fit in a roll (wrap) or bowl and you can always choose a chicken/meat dish or go vegetarian. Think brown rice, corn, lettuce, greens and additional guacamole if you prefer. So fresh. It fills you up, that's for sure!

The owner of the truck is a polite guy that smiles a lot, super friendly. I always choose a roll, don't know why actually, never change a winning dish I guess. I've been to quite some food truck festivals lately and as soon as I see their truck I know what I'm eating :).

You can find them on a fixed spot at High Tech Campus during the week. On Thursdays they are at Wilhelminaplein and they attend a lot of festivals this summer!

Roll or Bowl

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