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Studio Nr. 7

Besides cool parties and nice places to eat Eindhoven has a lot more to offer. Like the perfect place to sleep.

This bed and breakfast, Studio Nr. 7, is somewhat special to me, I lived at this adress many years ago. This former printing office is owned by a couple who designed and made the whole place by themselves. And it looks so cool! Very clean, designish, modern with amazing extras, like a rooftop terrace.

If I was visiting Eindhoven this would be the absolute best place for me to stay at. It is a very short walk to all of Eindhovens finest spots, you just have to cross the street. You'll have the whole floor exclusively by yourself and they even provide in a washing machine, an extra room for families and... NETFLIX!

So convenient for a chill moment.

In the morning the lovely people will bring you breakfast with home baked bread. Another extra that is included. That is the whole thing about this place, which is so much better than your standard hotel, the personal touch.

I like this place so much, perhaps I'll book a stay in my own town :).

Studio Nr. 7

Kleine Bleekstraat 7 - Eindhoven

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