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The Happiness Café

Surround yourself with the things that make you happy!

Food, for example, makes me very happy. Rephrase! Healthy food makes me happy and I enjoy surrounding myself with it.

I don't know why but Eindhoven doesn't have enough places to grab a healthy bite. Fortunately for me, and all of us, another place just opened this week. The Happiness Café!

Tried & tested, outcome... I like it! This fresh-looking place is similar to what you'd expect of it, good and healthy food. They have an open kitchen, so you can see the food being prepared. Nice young staff and small tables to sit at. You can also sit on the windowsill and enjoy the Blob and the crowd outside.

Having tea here is quite an experience. They'll serve you a 'BrewT' tea maker, with boiled water and herbs. You put this on an empty glass and it sifts the tea for you.

Welcome to the city center The Happiness Café! Thank you for the cookie tasting :).

The Happiness Café

Nieuwe Emmasingel 9 - Eindhoven

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