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Boiler room comedy

If you want to tell people the thruth, make them laugh at the same time. Otherwise they won't be happy. Stand up comedy, the platform for insults we can all laugh at :).

If you want to have a fun night out visit one of the Boiler room comedy nights on Strijp S. This is an often returning event held in 'het Ketelhuis', the boiler room to be exact. Don't expect a theatre, or the comfort of one. This raw room has wooden benches and seats who will kill your back, but that is exactly the charm of it.

For a small fee, EUR 12 a night, you will see a variety of comedians. Take note! It is in Dutch. Depending on your taste you will like one better than the other, no doubt about the fact that you will always laugh your socks off though.

Be there in time! Around 8 o'clock the benches are already getting full.

Boiler room comedy

Ketelhuis - Ketelhuisplein 1 - Eindhoven

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