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This weekend is the third edition of DOCfeed festival. When I told my boyfriend where I was heading he misunderstood and thought I was going to feed dogs, which would be fun too, but no :).

DOCfeed is a documentary festival held at TAC (Temporary Art Centre). This three day festival shows all different kinds of documentaries, Dutch and English ones, some of them are subtitled. You can also visit an exposition of weird projections showing a lot of naked souls and a peeing woman... Yes really.

Or you can attend one of the workshops.

Yesterday I went to see a short film about a guy who became blind at the age of 27. The film showed how very optimistic he is and how he doesn't let this fact screw up his life. He himself was present and experienced the movie with us! At the after talk you could ask him any question you could come up with.

The other documentary I saw was about the 'Zwarte soldaten' (Black soldiers). Old men who joined the 'Waffen SS' in the second world war. Very intriguing, you should really look this one up.

Did you know that TAC is a cool place for drinks and snacks? For a fairly small amount of money you can have a great weekend here. See the DOCfeed program at their website.


TAC - Vonderweg 1- Eindhoven

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