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Brownies and Downies

*UPDATE* B&D moved to an even cooler location: Victoriapark 1, Eindhoven

This calm and joyful place is a really good lunch spot! People with down syndrome work here. They help in service and provide in fun :).

Brownies and Downies is located in the city center but might be a bit difficult to find. You have to walk from '18 Septemberplein' to 'PSV stadion' and there it is, right in the middle of these two. Light interior, open kitchen, spacious and delicious!

They make a surprise of every dish. At the first glance on the menu you will think: 'What is that fab040 talking about?! A club sandwich is nothing special!'. You're right! But this club sandwich is filled with dates though.

I ordered the surprise lunch menu and got a goat cheese croquette, a small tomato soup with bacon and mascarpone, a small salad with salmon, a grilled sanwich with old cheese and vegetables, another croquette which was filled with something mouth-watering ,(I don't remember what is was), and bread with tapenade. It all looked gorgeous. Tea with a small brownie on the side, what a treat!

The fun started when I called to make a reservation. One of the downies picked up the phone :). 'Hiiiiiiii'.

Brownies and Downies

Gagelstraat 6 - Eindhoven - €€

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