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10 Cool December parties!

December, a month full of festivities! Starting today with the famous Sinterklaas, bringing presents to everybody under 12.

For all of us, above 12 years old, no need to cry over the fact that your shoe doesn't get filled up anymore. There are plenty of parties in Eindhoven where you can drink away your sorrows this month.

Also, if you want to go out when the New Year comes in, you have to think about where to go and buy tickets about now! Or else you'll be too late...

So, these are my 10 party recommendations. Have a wonderful December!

(Click on the names for more info :)).

Bier&Big Winterfestival - December 13 | Ketelhuis

This sunday afternoon festival is especially for people who love beer. I'm one of them! Several brewers show up and you can taste their concoctions.

Arthouse - December 18 | Natlab

Natlab, where electronic music was produced in the early days. La Fête 040, who is also responsable for the 'Ensuite' parties, brings in a fat line-up this evening. Rumours are tickets are already sold out though. Watch the Facebook page, maybe there are some last minute cancellations.

Het Wild - December 19 | Stroomhuis

Funky and hip. Cool location, capacity for 150 people.

Atmoz classics - December 26 | Effenaar

In the '90s Atmoz was a very famous club in Belgium. Dutch dance music lovers all crossed the border to go dance in this music temple. The club closed in 2000, but the resident DJs still tour around both countries. Expect the same audience that visited Atmoz in their younger years.

Ho Ho Ho - December 26 | Tuchthuis

'Where my Ho Ho Ho's at?'. Biki90 throws a party! This means cool beats, dubstepping guys and ugly christmas sweaters. Shouting MCs, jumping around, great vibe and young crowd.

Ploegendienst - December 26 | Arcade

This is Techno heaven. Arcade is the best place to go if you like it raw and unpolished. Dark Techno beats and people enjoying this ride. No place for conversation, just dance.

Ensuite Sixteen - December 31 | De Oude Rechtbank

As unpolished as Arcade is, Ensuite parties are the opposite. Music that is more mellow, deep house, which attracts another crowd. There is a black and gold theme, so put on your favorite heals and a sparkling dress.

Gold & New - December 31 | Arcade

Another Biki90 night out! This time it is held in club Arcade. Want to know the vibe? Watch last years aftermovie: Aftermovie Gold & New 14 / 15

Don't feel like dressing up and buying tickets for some electronic party? Just go for a drink in my favorite bar. No entrance fee, always a good time.

EHVolution - January 1 | Temporary Art Center (TAC)

Last but definitely not least! Out of the 10 parties this is probably the best one. TAC always throws great New Year feasts. Different areas with various styles of music, fun crowd, chill atmosphere and a fun location. You really shouldn't miss this one!

And after all these wild nights... Just continue dancing in 2016!

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