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NRE Terrain - Velosoof

Imagine you're cycling through town. Suddenly you've got a flat tire. There you are, in the middle of Eindhoven on a grey day in November. AND IT SO COLD! Bummer!

Thank god for Velosoof on moments like that! Right in the heart of Eindhoven. Not only a bike repair shop but also a place for a drink and lunch. Your bike can be fixed and you can eat a great thick pea soup at the same time.

I went there today. Not by bike though. Yes they call themselves a cycling café, but all non-cyclers are more than welcome too. And what a good day it was for 'snert'! (Dutch traditional pea soup).

Here they serve it just the way it's supposed to be served. With rye bread and bacon. I like this place!

Velosoof is located at the 'NRE terrain'. Very central but yet undiscovered. This terrain has all the potential to be the next Strijp S. There used to be a gas company on this spot. The company is gone but the old buildings are still intact.

If you ask me Eindhoven should make these grounds count. It is a beautiful piece of the city.


Nachtegallaan 15 - Eindhoven - €€

velosoof eindhoven
velosoof eindhoven
velosoof eindhoven
velosoof eindhoven
velosoof eindhoven
velosoof eindhoven

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