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What to taste at 'Vershal het Veem'

Yes, Eindhoven has a food court. It took me some time to adjust to Vershal het Veem. I'm used to food courts in Berlin, our food hall wasn't the same experience for me. But now, after the big crowd, (DDW and GLOW), has left the building, I'm seeing the quality of it.

Vershal het Veem isn't finished yet. Still many more entrepeneurs must come to fill the empty spaces. BUT, the ones who are there already are very good! If it is this good now... I can imagine a very cool future!

I like the place for grabbing a quick bite or stopping by for a drink with friends.

Here are my favorite products which you can buy at Vershal het Veem:

Bread @ De mannen van Deeg

'De mannen van Deeg', (the men from dough). Are you thinking of that bread puppet from Shrek too? :). This bakery sells really good bread! Their main shop is in 'Heusden', a little village nearby, called 'Bakkertje Deeg'. I've tasted the oat bread, (haverbrood), and the sourdough bread with nuts and fruits, (desem met noten en vruchten). These are DELICIOUS. I'm not a big bread lover but I could eat this daily. If you are Dutch you know what 'wentelteefjes' are. Here they call them: 'turn around bitches'. That's funny! They say the 'worstenbroodjes', (sausage buns), are also pricewinning.

Cappucino pepernoten @ Van Delft

Pepernoten, (gingerbread cookies), are a Dutch specialty. We eat them around December when 'Sinterklaas' comes to town. At Van Delft they have pepernoten with cappucino flavour! Oh my god, you have to go taste them!

Indonesian food @ Warung ventje

Cute looking place where they serve Indonesian dishes. You can sit at the bar and eat good nasi for a small price. Perfect for a one-person dinner.

Sencha Forest Berries tea @ InfiniTea

Want to do some tea sniffin'? Yes, that's a thing here :). And when you do you will find out that the 'Sencha Forest Berries' flavour is the best!

Wostok date granate drink @ Koffie Keuten

This is a real specific one. I never saw this drink anywhere else before, but I love it. It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Wow, I sound like I'm writing an advertisement. But I'm serious. Good stuff!

Can't wait for Vershal het Veem to fill up with new shops. Happy tasting!

Vershal het Veem

Torenallee 86 - Eindhoven - €€

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