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GLOW 2015 - Highlights

GLOW light festival is back in town. The 10th edition, anniversary year. For us locals this means enormous detours when wanting to move from central location to central location.

I'm not kidding, GLOW is an old friend which I welcome each year with mixed feelings. I'm sort of proud of GLOW. All eyes are on Eindhoven this week and the festival is very good for local business owners.

But since I'm from Eindhoven I'm spoiled. When it comes to light projects I've seen it all and better.

The first few GLOW-years I was wowed off my feet, this year some things wowed me a little.

If you don't want to walk the whole route but want to see some projects that are worth watching

I suggest to go see, (in no specific order):

1. Giant Dandelions

You can find them at Stadswandelpark, near 'Anne Frankplantsoen'. These are cute. Made out of garbage, plastic bottles to be exact. The thought behind these flowers is that no garbage exists.

2. Catherina church

The church in the city center has a huge projection on it again. They kind of did the same trick as the last couple of years, but this year it is in 3D. It is a good show. You have to buy 3D-glasses though, which cost EUR 1. They use the blue-red glasses, maybe you can bring them from home.

3. Veemgebouw, Strijp S

At the 8th and 9th floor they have some glow projects that are worthwhile. The main reason to go there is the fact that this building opened recently. I always like the opportunity to check out new floors and spaces I've never been to before. If you get out of the elevator and walk to the left corner across the room you'll have a beautiful view on Strijp S.

4. Reflecting Holons, MU, Strijp S

Get your cameras out! This GLOW project is the most photogenic one. The Holons look like large bubbles with pretty colors.

5. Kroonlichters

Also at 'Anne Frankplantsoen'. Because they are made by kids...

Are you walking the whole route? That's okay, don't get me wrong. If you haven't seen GLOW before this is a great year. And... what is also great is the route itself, which will lead you through Stadswandelpark and one of the most beautiful districts we have: Elzent-Noord.


November 7 / November 14 - Eindhoven

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