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King Thai

Is there anything more delightful than Thai food?! Hell no! If I had to choose one specific cuisine I had to eat for the rest of my life it would be Thai. For sure.

Since I've booked a Thailand vacay for this winter there was some preparation needed. I can always come up with an excuse to go eat though :). Off to King Thai, located just outside the city centre.

This is my favorite Thai restaurant in Eindhoven!

This restaurant isn't that big, it has about 8 or 10 tables. It's a warm and cozy place, very good and friendly service. They think along with you, without you even asking. It's no surprise the food is so authentic, the kitchen is run by a Thai lady.

The food... is heavenly. I always pick the 4 course surprise menu. You can easily do that since everything is scrumptious. Like us Dutch say: It's like an angel pissing over your tongue!

Congratulations King Thai, with your 2nd anniversary! Up to the next 50 more to come!

King Thai

Sint Bonifaciuslaan 7 - Eindhoven

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