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Meneer De Boer

In New York it doesn't matter what time it is, if you want to have breakfast, you can have breakfast.

Since I don't make enough time in the morning to enjoy my daily breakfast, it's a good thing that I have a chance to do it over again in the afternoon.

Meneer De Boer is the only spot I know in Eindhoven which serves breakfast all day. There was my all time favorite, 'Ludwig', but it shut down recently. So I had to find a new place. I'm more than pleased with this alternative, the menu is even better! So much more to choose from.

And how about their anti-hangover meal? Meneer De Boer knows that, when you had too much to drink the night before, you'll need eggs, bacon and sausages! YES!

I wish I could order their whole menu at once, if only I had six stomachs...

They have waffles and lots of sweet desserts, various egg dishes, but also very Dutch things like 'hagelslag' and 'ROOSVICEE'! Roosvicee, childhood memories come to mind. Thank you Meneer De Boer. I feel young again :).

I could go on about this place... About the real fun guy who serves everything with a big smile and a joke to come with it, or about the good atmosphere in this older ('30s) building. The kitsch crockery I just love... Or you could go and find out yourself!

Meneer de Boer

Keizersgracht 20 - Eindhoven

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