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Coffeelab UC

Monday translates directly into coffee! Nothing comforts me more than my liquid black friend in the morning... except for sleeping, dancing, a warm bath, my boyfriend, buying new clothes...hmm, okay, I like it a LOT!

Coffeelab UC is probably the nicest looking coffee shop we have in Eindhoven. With its central location it can't be missed. Right next to our cities tourist information point, called 'Eindhoven brand-store', (also very cool).

You can easily hang out here for a couple of hours, since there are cute places to work and good coffee around. The baristas will blend you anything! If you are not into coffee you can also find juices and teas here. They even have childrens coffee, (milk froth), and a 'mintstreet' for picking your own mint.

The 'UC' means 'Under Construction'. The concept is to constantly be innovative, always on the lookout for new and healthy additions to the shop. Their ambition is to put Eindhoven on the coffee hot list worldwide!

Pleasant area, T.Hanks!

Coffeelab UC

Stationsplein 17 - €€

coffeelab uc fab040
coffeelab uc fab040