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DDW15 'What if...'

What if... Your memory was digital? What if... We lived with dinosaurs? DDW (Dutch Design Week) celebrates imagination this year. The city is flooded with design. In three different areas and over 120 locations.

I'm excited it's DDW again! The streets are very lively during this week. People everywhere with DDW maps. A whole week of parties and visiting sites that normally are closed to the public. Get yourself a DDW ticket for the whole week so you can attend everything for 'free', (almost everything).

So this is what I did this afternoon:

Finally, 'Vershal het Veem' opened! Eindhovens first food hall. I needed to see what was going on. Unfortunately it was very crowded, so I didn't get to see much.. Except for really cute ceramic music boxes by Roos Sanders. Her illustrations are really cool too!

I went to 'Lady Lucy', which is located at the 'Apparatenfabriek' on Strijp S. During DDW this vintage shop has a small kilo sale. I picked up a really cool suede sweater there for only 10 EUR.

Section C is at the east area and is awesome. You need to go check it out! I like the surroundings better than Strijp S, because it's less polished. Good atmosphere and a great place to grab a beer, sitting around a firepit.

Tonight: What the if?! - official #DDW15 opening party @ 'De oude rechtbank' and 'Tuchthuis'.

Definitely on my program this week:

'Hallenweg' - I've never been to this location before.

'Stroomhuis' - music performances I want to check out.

'Design academy' - Graduation show.

But first.. Netflix and power napping :)

Have a great DDW y'all!

Dutch Design Week - 17 - 25 October 2015

All over town - Eindhoven

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