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Vascobelo V-bar

No matter what time it is, coffee is always a good idea.

At Vascobelo they take it further than just your regular sip: 'Rather it is about exchanging thoughts with your best friends and colleagues, about having a moment for yourself. It's an experience that goes far beyond the cup'. Big words! Let's check it out.

Vascobelo has three V-bars, in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. It's called V-bar because of the big V-shaped bar in the middle. The one in Eindhoven is located at 'Grote Berg' and looks sophisticated. And...they sell macarons! NICE, I already like it here.

Besides small pastries they have a short menu with breakfast, sandwiches and salads on it. Their coffee is great! The macarons are good, (not like the ones in Paris, but hey...). What I like best is that everything is 'Vascobelo', the napkins, the cups, the cookies. It all looks really luxurious.

Indeed, a good space to hang out.

This place also has a small shop, 'La esperanza by Anna', which sells really cute bags and jewelry!

Vascobelo V-Bar

Grote Berg 16 - Eindhoven

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