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Culinary café Bommel

This is the kind of place where you can bring your dog with you. No bullshit, no pretending, it's just Bommel and it's all good. I love it.

Bommel has been in Eindhoven for more than 25 years now and the inside looks like it hasn't changed at all. Not modern, but just cozy. French bistro like. It makes you feel at home.

You can talk to everybody there and you'll be served with a smile. The food, so good,

makes you come back time and time again.

The cook prepares two different dishes every day, a vegetarian one and one with meat. You can call or walk on by to see what's on the menu that day. If you like it you'll get a soup as the first course and your main dish as the second. The price of the food is always EUR 14,50. Full plates guaranteed.

The music is great, the wine is great, the food is great, the people are great and the price is great. What are you waiting for, just go, NOW!


Kleine Berg 32 - Eindhoven

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