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Plage Du Lac

Sometimes you just need the beach, that is kind of difficult when you live in Eindhoven and there is no beach anywhere near. So they came up with something: a city beach right in the centre of town and called it Plage Du Lac. It's a pop-up concept that is open only in weekends untill the second of August.

I really loved the idea and needed to check it out imediately. So I hustled up three friends who also could use a mini break and we went...

Beach? Check! Water?.. No water. A beach without water isn't a beach for me, it just isn't the same.

But nevertheless, they have really good COLD wine on hot summer days and they give you some chill music to go with it. Nice crowd, kids playing, I do like it here.

I didn't taste the food but from what I've heard it's not that great. Stay with the wine and imagine your on Ibiza :)

Plage Du Lac

Gagelstraat - Eindhoven

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