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Sometimes you don't need new places to be totally excited. Since this place is not in my neighbourhood and not in the city center I've never been here before, until last week...

and this week, and probably next week too...

Gusto-040, YES!

So cozy, such a cute little garden and the people are just so much fun. The guy helping us out is one to remember. Here you get the feeling you are really taken care of. We didn't have to wait once to order our meal, a drink or paying the bill. They just pay attention and I like that.

Also, the menu. Where to start? This is a place where I can order just anything on the menu because it all sounds sooo good. What I particularly like about this place is that they have a vegan section on the menu. The last time I was here I ordered the quinoa salad and it was really fresh and gorgeous looking.

What is not to like about this place. This is where Eindhoven people eat. A proper, fresh and probably never disappointing meal. Ofcourse, I am a fan!


Gestelsestraat 230 - Eindhoven


#food #dinner